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The Best Scuba Masks for 2021

Last updated: October 13, 2021
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Whether you’re an experienced scuba diver or brand new to the deep-diving scene, you should know by now that a proper scuba gear can make or break your dive.

Likewise, trained experts know that having comfortable and well-fitted gear is integral to a safe and fun dive.

So how do you find the best scuba mask when there are so many options on the market?

We did some digging—diving, even—to research the best options for scuba masks in 2021.

From high end to budget, we’ve composed every pro and con to each one for a complete list to help you make the right decision before your next big scuba dive.

What You’ll Find in This List of The Best Scuba Masks

To find the best scuba mask, you have to keep in mind a few key factors.

We’ve divided these factors up like this:

  • The Type of Scuba Mask:
    • Brand, edition, style, etc.
  • What we looked for:
    • Field of View
    • Lens Type
    • Frame Design
    • Materials
    • Price

There are a few crucial points of consideration that you should consider before buying a scuba diving mask.

1. Material and Durability

One of the most important things to keep in mind is what the scuba mask is made of.

In general, hard and rigid plastic is going to be just fine.

As long as the material is hard enough to take some bumps and rigid enough so that it doesn’t wobble or move around on your face, that’s all you really need.

Remember, scuba diving involves many actions, so you probably want something that can handle being dropped a couple of times.

2. The Strap and Adjustability

One of the most important aspects of any good scuba mask is how well it fits your face.

After all, if it doesn’t fit your face properly, water is going to leak in.

Therefore, you want to have an adjustable strap to hold the mask firmly to your face.

Make sure that the strap is thick and durable because even the best of straps will eventually break.

3. The Skirt

You want a mask with a double-feathered-edge silicone skirt.

This will ensure the maximum possible waterproofing possible so that water does not get in and air does not get out.

Keep in mind that the silicone skirt should be soft enough so that it does not irritate your skin.

4. The Size

Scuba masks are not one-size-fits-all.

For example, if you have a very large face, you’re going to need to go for a larger scuba mask so it can fit around your eyes and does not press on the bridge of your nose.

5. The Lens

The other important thing to look for is the lens.

First, you want a lens that features an anti-fog treatment so that it doesn’t fog up while you’re underwater.

Moreover, if you can, get a scuba mask with a panoramic view for a wide field of vision.

Finally, of course, you want a mask with high-quality glass that allows you to see details and colors.

How to Choose a Mask from the List Below

best scuba masks 4

When picking a mask, follow a few easy criteria to find the best fit for you.

    1. Start with the features you want most.
    2. Define your spending budget.
    3. Select the mask you like most within your set criteria.

Carefully consider features and budget, but don’t think too hard – have fun and enjoy the process!

The Best Scuba Masks (Budget-Friendly)

These masks were hand-selected for even the most budget-friendly divers.

AquaLung Sphera X Scuba Mask

Our Pick
AQUALUNG Sphera X Mask

Features We Love

  • Low-volume design
  • Durable and high quality construction
  • Many different color options
Check Price

This mask features a lightweight make and a specially curved single-lens design that allows for a distortion-free view.

With an innovative shape to fit the diver’s head, this mask is described by many as “panoramic” for its full view and easily adjusted straps.

A favorite of freedivers everywhere, AquaLung delivers with its Sphera X model.


This mask is one of the pricier options in the budget-end masks, clocking in at $75.00.

Top Features of the AquaLung Sphera X:

  • Window Style: This curved dual lens mask offers a 180-degree field of peripheral vision and is anti-fog, anti-scratch.
  • Skirt Material: It’s made from crystal silicone, giving a firm yet comfortable fit for the nose pocket and sealing out water.
  • Color Options: White and turquoise, classic black, navy blue, white and black, white and raspberry pink, white and neon yellow.

What We Like:

This mask has an extremely low-volume design, which many freedivers find to be a great feature.

In addition, AquaLung is known for making gear that lasts, meaning the investment will pay for itself in the long run.

Finally, its competitive price for the number of high-quality materials makes it an excellent choice.

What We Don’t Like:

Due to its low volume, the Sphera X may make newer divers or divers with claustrophobia uncomfortable.

On top of this, many divers don’t like that the lens material is hard plastic than tempered glass—keep in mind that it is still solid despite this.

And finally, the curved lens may improve visibility, but it can be something you may need to adjust to if you aren’t used to a curved lens.

Cressi F1 Scuba Mask

Cressi F1, Scuba Diving Snorkeling Frameless Mask

Features We Love

  • Budget-friendly price point
  • Lightweight design and feel
  • Neoprene strap is included
Check Price

Frameless by design, this mask is a decent pick for its flexibility and ease of storage.

It’s sleek, it’s compact, and it’s seamless, landing it on this list as the second choice for the best budget scuba mask.

In addition, water pressure diffuses due to the less-bulky nature of this mask, making it a good choice for advanced divers.


The Cressi F1 mask comes in at $74.95.

Top Features of the Cressi F1:

  • Window Style: Single-crystal tempered glass in one solid window.
  • Skirt Material: As per usual, this mask’s skirt is silicone-based.
  • Color Options: Transparent, pure white, pink, blue, yellow, green, black, brown, and grey.

What We Like

The silicone skirt wraps directly over the glass, creating a wide field of view for the wearer.

In addition, the user can easily maneuver the mask’s straps with one hand, and the buckle design makes it easier to avoid deforming the silicone.

Finally, its modern look and ergonomic design make it an excellent choice for snorkeling and diving.

What We Don’t Like

While the straps are comfortable, many divers complain that they need to be longer, even with the adjustable buckles.

In addition, due to its frameless nature, some divers have complained of leakage.

Finally, like the Sphera, it is a low-volume mask, which could mean claustrophobia or nervousness in some newer divers.

Oceanic Mako Scuba Mask

Oceanic MAKO 1 Mask for Snorkeling or Scuba

Features We Love:

  • High-quality materials at a budget-friendly price point
  • Great for both scuba diving and snorkeling
  • Compact and easy to pack
Buy Now

Oceanic went for stylish and lightweight with this one, creating an easy-to-clear experience for beginner and expert divers alike.

While it isn’t panoramic, it has a surprisingly wide field of vision.


As the most affordable on this list, its base price is $49.95 – but Oceanic often features sales that will drop this mask below $20.

Top Features of the Oceanic Mako Snorkel Mask:

  • Window Style: Two or single-windowed, made from tempered glass.
  • Skirt Material: It has a soft silicone skirt, and it comes with a neoprene strap cover for comfort.
  • Color Options: Complete black, aqua blue and clear, neon yellow and clear, pink and clear, red and clear.

What We Like

Oceanic mixed relatively high-quality materials with budget-friendly pricing here, creating a decent upselling point for those newly entering the diving scene or divers on a tighter budget.

Since it’s so lightweight, this mask is suitable for most types of dives.

In addition, the included neoprene strap is a great little extra.

What We Don’t Like

Due to the lack of higher quality materials, the Oceanic Mako isn’t as durable as some of the better-end masks on the market.

Additionally, its lenses sit very close to the face, garnering some complaints about the top pressing against the users’ forehead.

Finally, despite its decent field of vision, it isn’t a panoramic mask.

Best Scuba Masks (Mid-Range)

These are great options to look into if you’re looking for a step up from average.

ScubaPro Trinidad Scuba Mask

Our Pick
Scubapro Trinidad 3 Mask

Features We Love:

  • Durable, scratch-resistant lense
  • Manufactured by an industry leader
Check Price

The Trinidad edition of ScubaPro’s extensive array of scuba masks is one of the more affordable options against that lineup.

It has plenty of colors, a frameless, lightweight design, and a comfort-focused finish.


On the cheaper end of mid-range masks, the Trinidad by ScubaPro comes in at $71.00.

Top Features of the ScubaPro Trinidad:

  • Window Style: Single-window, created from tempered glass.
  • Skirt Material: Like others on this list, soft silicone is the material of choice.
  • Color Options: Orange, yellow, green, pink, and blue.

What We Like

ScubaPro is a beloved scuba gear manufacturer, meaning even their lower-priced products are generally well-made.

The lens is durable and scratch-resistant, making it easy to keep an uninterrupted, clear view with a wider field of vision.

In addition, the frameless design makes it incredibly comfortable.

What We Don’t Like

While it is considered high-quality, many divers complain of this edition not making it to the second year of use.

Additionally, due to its low internal volume and frameless design, complaints of leaks can be found by some divers.

Finally, some divers complain that the glass fogs up on the inside too often, requiring the use of toothpaste.

ScubaPro Ghost Scuba Mask

Scubapro Ghost Dive Mask with EZ Open Strap

Features We Love:

  • Adjustable buckles and straps make adjustments underwater simple and easy
  • Outline design blocks light, making it great for photographers
Check Price

This sleek ScubaPro mask is another frameless design, complete with a stylish, unique aesthetic appearance.

Everything about this mask screams compact and easy-to-carry.

Its low profile feature means less pressure the deeper you go and gives the wearer an easy-to-clear experience.


The second ScubaPro in this list clocks in at $99.00.

Top Features of the ScubaPro Ghost:

  • Window Style: Single-window, made from tempered glass.
  • Skirt Material: You guessed it: silicone.
  • Color Options: Black or white only.

What We Like

Durable and built to last, the Ghost edition of ScubaPro’s array of masks is an excellent mid-range choice if you want to use this mask on many dives.

Additionally, the buckles and straps are adjustable, making it a comfortable fit no matter your face shape.

Finally, its outline design is perfect for blocking light, giving underwater photographers an ultra-clear view of their next piece.

What We Don’t Like

There are only two color options.

In addition, the low volume may make it more difficult for wearers with facial hair or claustrophobia.

Finally, some divers complain of fogging.

Gull Mantis 5 Scuba Mask

GULL GM-1037 Mantis 5 MT Silver MASK

Features We Love

  • Straps and buckles are attached to the skirt, meaning easy operation
  • Timeliness and classic design
Check Price

Gull is a fantastic brand, giving some of its best design and quality choices to all of its products, the Mantis 5 included.

Basic and straightforward, the Gull Mantis 5 is an excellent option for both snorkelers and divers.

This scuba mask is the 5th generation of the Mantis line introduced in the early 70s, giving it a retro style on top of its continually innovative design.


This mask passes the previous entries in this list at $115.00.

Top Features of the Gull Mantis 5:

  • Window Style: Dual-lens, perfect for compatibility with prescription lenses.
  • Skirt Material: Choose between a silicone or rubber skirt.
  • Color Options: Color varies with the type of material chosen.
    • Clear silicone: Paradiso red, coral orange, neon shimmer (yellow), Caribbean blue.
    • Black silicone: delight sand (off-white), full-black, midnight blue, orange, metallic silver.
    • White silicone: white all-over.
    • If you choose rubber: black, yellow, or Saxe (blue.)

What We Like

The straps and buckles are attached directly to the skirt, meaning easy operation even if the wearer is sporting gloves.

In addition, the skirt is curled, offering a better level of comfort.

Finally, the design is perfect for removing water and easy clearing, minimizing the water that may try to pool at the bottom of the mask.

What We Don’t Like

There aren’t a lot of downsides to this one, but some divers may dislike the dual-frame design if they do not need optical lenses.

Additionally, its retro design may seem out-of-date to some or charming to others.

Finally, it might feel a little bulky to some more accustomed to lower-profile designs.

Best Scuba Masks (High-End)

Take your scuba or snorkel game to the next level with these professional and high-end scuba masks.

Atomic Aquatics Venom Scuba Mask

Our Pick
Atomic Aquatics Venom Dive Mask

Features We Love

  • One of the highest-quality masks currently on the market
  • Best option for people with facial hair, as it's leak-free
Check Price

Considered one of the best scuba masks on the market for those with facial hair, the Atomic Aquatics Venom has an internal sub-frame that gives it a firm, stable fit.

In addition, it manages to keep a decently low profile despite its extra space from the sub-frame, making it an excellent choice in the higher-end department of scuba masks.


As the subheading suggests, this higher-end mask comes in around the $200 range, depending on where you purchase it.

This price tag tilts it to the most expensive non-full-face scuba mask on this list.

Top Features of the Atomic Aquatics Venom:

  • Window Style: Single-window, made from high-quality tempered glass. You can also expect better colors and contrast underwater due to the “Schott SuperWhite Glass.”
  • Skirt Material: High-grade silicone.
  • Color Options: Black with dark-grey striping, black with orange striping, black with blue striping.

What We Like

The Atomic Venom series are some of the highest-quality masks you can get on the market, including its frameless, lower-profile sibling.

This mask is the best option for people with facial hair, creating a leak-free experience and superb stability.

As the cherry on top, this mask has double feathered edge silicone rubber skirting with a wide split strap for an optimal fit.

What We Don’t Like

It is costly for a scuba mask, but that comes with the label “high-end.”

Additionally, the colors are limited, only available in the minimal striping differences mentioned above and solid black everywhere else; arguably, it makes up for its limited style choices by being excellent everywhere else.

Finally, it might be considered bulkier to some, but the stability it provides is worth it.

APEKS VX1 Scuba Mask

Apeks VX1 Scuba Diving Mask

Features We Love

  • Ergonomic design reduces pressure on wearer's face
  • Quick-release buckles allow for easy adjustments
Check Price

This scuba mask is Italian designed and produced.

The APEKS VX1 is one of the greats when it comes to mixing comfort and clear underwater viewing.

Highly respected among diving equipment makers, APEKS prides itself on creating innovative diving technology that boasts safe and comfortable designs for all types of divers.


Still relatively expensive but not as much as the previous on this list, the APEKS VX1 comes in at $169.

Top Features of the APEKS VX1:

  • Window Style: Single-windowed lens, created with APEKS’ Pure Clear lens that gives a distortion-free view.
  • Skirt Material: High-grade silicone, mixing matte and gloss finishes to create a better seal, fit, and comfort.
  • Color Options: All black or all white with black accenting.

What We Like

APEKS’ new VX1 is their ultimate edition, where frameless comfort meets sturdy materials.

Moreover, the ergonomically designed silicone skirt minimizes the pressure exerted on the wearer’s face during long, deep dives.

Finally, the Quick Release buckles utilize stainless steel rollers that allow easy adjustment, even when wearing gloves.

What We Don’t Like

Like the previous entry, the color and design options are limited.

Additionally, while a frameless model has its benefits, some with heavier facial hair may struggle with its design.

Finally, besides the low-profile cons of most frameless masks, some preparation for de-fogging may be necessary.

AquaLung Teknika Scuba Mask

Aqua Lung Teknika Two Window Dive Mask (Blue/Blue/Clear)

Features We Love

  • Rugged and simple design that favors durability
  • Assembled with AISI stainless steel to prevent corrosion
Check Price

The Teknika edition of AquaLung’s higher-end scuba masks is an excellent fully-framed choice.

Built with rigorous diving in mind, the durability and strength of this scuba mask make it great for the diver who values rugged design and longevity.


The cheapest of the three high-end masks on this list, the Teknika comes in at only $115.

Top Features of the AquaLung Teknika:

  • Window Style: Dual window, created with ANSI certified tempered glass.
  • Skirt Material: High-grade silicone.
  • Color Options: Black, white, or blue.

What We Like

This mask is no-nonsense, featuring a rugged and simplistic design that favors durability over style; it also has the added feature of foldable buckles to make this mask easier to store.

Next, the mask’s frame is a sturdy, two-piece shock-resistant design, assembled with AISI stainless steel hardware to prevent corrosion.

Finally, its skirt is light-blocking, perfect for reducing eye strain or distracting glares during photoshoots.

What We Don’t Like

It isn’t pretty, left wanting in the way of attractive styles; it makes up for this in durability, but if style matters to you, you may not enjoy this one as much.

Additionally, the dual-window design may create some blind spots in the wearer’s vision.

Finally, some divers have had trouble removing the lenses, as the website doesn’t state whether or not they’re removable for those that need optical replacements.

Best Scuba Mask (Full-Face)

Lastly, we have full-face scuba masks.

While not for everybody, there are a handful of divers that really enjoy this type of mask.

OTS Spectrum Full-Face Mask

Our Pick
OTS Spectrum Full Face Mask

Features We Love

  • Ability to use your own regulator
  • This mask is officially CE certified
  • Fit values comfort and accessibility on top of quality
Check Price

Touted as one of the best full-face scuba masks, the OTS Spectrum, is one of the first to eliminate extra costs by using the wearer’s regulator without sacrificing high-end luxury and durable materials.

Furthermore, they remove jaw fatigue and dry mouth strains that often accompany full-face scuba masks by integrating an adaptive system for using the wearer’s regulator.


The most expensive mask on this list, the OTS Spectrum rocks a price tag of $409.

Top Features of the OTS Spectrum:

  • Window Style: Single-window visor, comprised of tempered glass or iridium.
  • Skirt Material: High-grade silicone and EPDM rubber blended straps.
  • Color Options: Black with a clear or color-tinted visor, or blue with a clear or color-tinted visor.

What We Like

According to the European Standard for Respiratory Equipment, OTS tests their Spectrum mask up to the safest possible diving depth.

In addition, their Spectrum mask is officially CE certified.

The fit of this full-face mask values comfort and accessibility on top of luxurious quality, making it one of the best available on the market today.

What We Don’t Like

Colors are limited, but it makes up for that in terms of durability and the use of the wearer’s air regulator.

It’s also a bit bulky, but bulky tends to be par for the course in a full-face mask; it isn’t nearly as bulky as some on the market that wouldn’t allow for personal regulator usage.

Finally, it’s for use almost exclusively in cold-water dives.

Frequently Asked Questions

image showing a scuba mask on a beach

Can you mount a GoPro on these scuba masks?

Generally speaking, yes.

Most scuba masks are suitable for GoPro camera mounts, but it’s a good rule of thumb to check the manufacturer’s specifications before making any expensive decisions.

Can you wear a scuba mask with a mustache?


While it’s better to wear higher-profile masks that feature framed designs when you have heavy facial hair, most low-profile scuba masks may not have problems with thinner mustaches.

However, if you’re sporting a full lumberjack beard, you may want to look into a sturdier, thicker quality mask.

To Make Your Dive the Best

When looking for the best new mask to purchase for your next big dive, we hope this comprehensive list inspires you to make a decision that fits your needs.

These are some of the best options on the market, whether you’re on a tighter budget, need something middle-of-the-road, or want all the features of top-notch dive gear.

Highlighting the best and worst features should give you the tools you need to know what scuba mask is suitable for you.

Be safe, dive deep, and don’t forget to pack your best scuba mask!

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