Best Full-Face Snorkel Masks of 2021: Reviews with Comparisons

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A good full-face snorkel mask improves your field of vision and provides a better seal against water. Full-face protection also allows you to breathe more naturally, which may reduce anxiety and make snorkeling more comfortable for newcomers. However, a low-quality full-face mask may be uncomfortable, fog up, or get tangled in hair and be hard to remove.

Even worse, poorly designed full-face snorkel masks can be potentially hazardous. To help you choose the best full-face snorkel masks, we’ve reviewed a few models so you can be comfortable underwater.

Comparison Chart

OCEAN REEF – Aria QR + Quick Release Snorkeling Mask – Full Face Snorkeling Mask – 180 Degree Underwater Vision – 5 Different Colors and 3 Sizes – Blue Color – Size M/L
41HgWqvTQ0L. SL500
WSTOO Snorkel Mask with Latest Dry Top Breathing System,Fold 180 Degree Panoramic View Full Face Snorkel Mask Anti-Fog Anti-Leak with Camera Mount,Snorkeling Gear for Adults
41816L0gg7S. SL500
Orsen Full Face Snorkel Mask Foldable, Quick Release System, Anti-Fog & Waterproof, 180° Panoramic View, Free Breathing, Snorkel Mask for Adults & Kids with Detachable Camera Mount
41iSsK9w7YL. SL500
Unigear Full Face Snorkel Mask, Snorkeling Mask Panoramic 180° View, Snorkel Set with Safe Breathing, Anti-Leak&Anti-Fog for adult by Latest Advanced Safety Breathing System
41YGDM6BgiL. SL500
SEAC Libera, Full Face Snorkeling Mask, Hypoallergenic Silicone, Quick Release, EN136:2000 Certified, 3 Sizes, Aquamarine/Orange, L-XL (1700005001019A)

Best Full-Face Snorkel Masks: Reviews

OCEAN REEF – Aria QR + Quick Release Snorkeling Mask

The Ocean Reef Aria QR has everything you need in a full-face snorkel mask. Ocean Reef’s patented air circulation system has been independently tested to prevent the accumulation of CO2 while also preventing fog, so you don’t need any defogging techniques.

In addition, the dark full-face seal prevents glare while remaining comfortable, and the swiveling design ensures a good and comfortable fit with a fast, intuitive, quick release.

The Ocean Reef Aria QR was designed and made in Italy. It is an innovative redesign with a new strap and quick-release system. The system provides comfort and ease while wearing and removing the mask and a simple, quick release to remove the mask fast.

The patented air circulation system prevents fogging and ensures healthy air without dangerous accumulation of CO2.

It also offers a crystal clear, 180° panoramic view with a dark seal that prevents glare. This full-face snorkel mask comes with a camera mount so you can capture all the action and a storage bag with a mesh bottom to drain away excess water. It is available in five colors.


  • Comfortable, intuitive quick release system
  • Patented fogless air circulation system prevents accumulation of CO2
  • Comes with a camera mount and carrying bag


  • The tube does not fold down for portability and is difficult to disconnect

WSTOO Snorkel Mask with Dry Top Breathing System

41HgWqvTQ0L. SL500

The WSTOO Snorkel Mask has three air channels, directing fresh air through the intake and exhaled air out the sides of the mask to prevent the accumulation of CO2.

In addition, it has a quick-release system, a camera mount, a foldable tube, and a comfortable silicone lining, making it an excellent choice for snorkelers at all skill levels.

The WSTOO full-face snorkel mask has separate inlet and outlet channels to provide more oxygen. The dual exhaust passages double the ventilation rate of this mask, preventing you from inhaling CO2.

It also has a wide, 180° view with high transmittance, an anti-vertigo mirror, and an anti-fog system for perfect visibility while snorkeling. The dry top respiratory system allows normal air intake when the snorkel tube is above the water surface and automatically shuts off intake when below the water to protect you from occasional waves or splashes.

The large skirt is made of comfortable food-grade silicone for a great seal without pressure or rubbing. It has quick-release buttons for safety, a camera mount for your action camera, and a foldable snorkel for more compact storage. The WSTOO full-face snorkel mask comes in 20 colors.


  • Large skirt made of food-grade silicone for a comfortable seal
  • Three air channel system prevents accumulation of CO2
  • Quick-release system
  • Foldable snorkel for storage


Wide skirt may leave temporary imprints around wide or round faces

Orsen Full-face Snorkel Mask

41816L0gg7S. SL500

The Orsen Full-face Snorkel Mask has separate air channels for inhalation and exhalation, reducing the buildup of the CO2 in the air intake. In addition, the dry top air tube prevents surface water from entering the air intake, and it has a 100% anti-fog technology that keeps your vision clear.

It also has quick-release straps, a camera mount, a quick drain valve, and a foldable design, so it’s everything you need in a full-face snorkel mask.

The Orsen Full-face Snorkel Mask has a larger breathing tube and two air channels to prevent the accumulation of CO2. It also has a fog-free system and a clear 180° view.

The dry-top system protects the snorkel from water leaks from the surface, and the quick drain valve in the front makes it easy to expel excess water from the mask. However, the food-grade silicone seal and adjustable straps prevent leaks and allow long, comfortable wear.

In addition, it has quick-release straps, a camera mount, and a foldable design that is easier to carry. It comes in six colors and is backed by a one-year guarantee.


  • Comfortable straps with quick release
  • Dual air channels prevent the accumulation of CO2
  • Camera mount and foldable design for convenience
  • One-year warranty


  • May leak on broader face shapes

Unigear Full-face Snorkel Mask

41iSsK9w7YL. SL500

The Unigear Full-face Snorkel Mask has three air channels for better ventilation to ensure that CO2 does not accumulate in the air tube. The quick-release buckles ensure a snug fit while still being easy to put on and remove.

The flat viewing panel gives you a wide field of view without distortion, and the camera mount makes it a perfect vacation companion.

The Unigear Full-face Snorkel Mask has three separate air channels for inhalation and exhalation, ensuring that CO2 does not accumulate in the breathing tube and also eliminates fog in the mask for a clear view.

The panoramic design with a flat panel provides clear vision without distortion, and the floating ball valves prevent water from entering the tube.

The soft silicone skirt is comfortable to wear, with adjustable straps and a quick-release system. It comes with a detachable camera mount. This mask is available in 7 colors and is backed by a 60-day return policy.


  • Anti-leak ball valve
  • Comfortable straps with quick release
  • Separate air channels to prevent CO2 accumulation
  • 60-day return policy


  • The tube does not fold down for portability

SEAC Libera Full-face Snorkeling Mask

41YGDM6BgiL. SL500

The SEAC Libera has a patented exhaust circuit that keeps exhaled CO2 separate from incoming air to prevent CO2 from building up in the tube. It also has large, one-way valves for more natural breathing and an anatomical hypoallergenic liquid silicone skirt designed to fit any type of facial contour for a comfortable seal.

The SEAC Libera Full-face Snorkeling Mask has an innovative airflow system that keeps the mask safe, the air clean and prevents fogging inside the mask. The patented exhaust system and one-way valves expel residual CO2 for the most natural, comfortable breathing of any full-face snorkeling mask. 

The smaller internal volume improves vision without distortion, and the dry top tube keeps water from entering the mask.

The large liquid silicone skirt is hypoallergenic and anatomically designed to fit even unusual face shapes for a great seal with safety and comfort. It has adjustable straps and quick-release buckles. This full-face snorkeling mask comes in 8 colors.


  • Patented exhaust system expels CO2
  • Smaller interior volume provides a better view with less distortion
  • Dry-top tube prevents water from leaking in


  • Tube does not fold down for portability
  • No camera mount

Buyer’s Guide

Full-face snorkel masks are incredibly popular for their visibility and the fact that they allow natural breathing through the nose and mouth. Still, they are also potentially hazardous and are associated with several snorkeling incidents and deaths.

In addition, there are no government standards that guarantee the safety of these devices, and they aren’t regulated, so choosing the right full-face snorkel mask for yourself is incredibly important. Here’s what to look for:

Separate Ventilation Channels

Earlier full-face snorkel mask designs used the same airways for inhaled and exhaled air, potentially allowing CO2 to accumulate in the breathing tube and posing a health risk. To protect your safety, look for a full-face snorkel mask with isolated ventilation channels where exhaled air is expelled from the mask without mixing with fresh air.

Our favorite full-face snorkel masks have various ventilation channel designs, but the important thing is that CO2 is directed away from the air intake. For this reason, shorter, wider tubes are better because they allow for more air exchange than longer, narrower tubes.

Quick-Release Straps

Because breathing CO2 can cause dizziness and confusion, another essential safety feature on a full-face snorkel mask is quick-release straps that allow you to remove the mask from yourself or someone else at a moment’s notice.

There are various quick-release designs, so look at them carefully and determine how quickly you could remove the mask in an emergency. Practice taking the mask off quickly, especially if you wear the straps very tight or have hair that may get tangled in the straps.

Dry-Top Tube

A dry-top tube design has a ball that falls down and blocks the tube intake if it accidentally goes underwater. This is a fantastic feature for snorkelers because the occasional splash or wave is prevented from allowing water into the mask. They allow the breathing tube to be shorter and safer, with less inconvenience and water in the mask. 

Lens and Distortion

Early full-face snorkeling masks had a large, curved surface, which allowed panoramic views underwater, but some people found that they distorted their vision, creating a ‘fisheye’ effect. This is a mild inconvenience for most people, but some found it distracting and even disorienting. Therefore, we prefer full-face snorkel masks with a flatter lens that has less visual distortion.

Fit and Comfort

For some masks and some face and head shapes, the straps on a full-face snorkel mask have to be pulled very tight to create a water-tight seal. This can be uncomfortable to wear for long periods and may rub or chafe.

For greater comfort, look for a full-face snorkel mask with a large, flexible, soft silicone skirt that provides a better seal without relying on tension from the straps.

Folding Tube

Many people want a full-face snorkel mask to take with them on vacation, but they can be bulky and awkward to pack in luggage. A folding or removable tube makes them more compact, so they are more portable, easier to pack, and easier to store when not in use. It’s a minor feature but convenient.

Camera Mount

Many of our favorite full-face snorkel masks also have camera mounts for your favorite action camera. It’s a great way to capture and share your underwater adventures while leaving your hands free. Of course, not everyone will want this feature, but it is nice to have.


Are Full-Face Snorkel Masks Safe?

Full-face snorkel masks are safe if:

  • They fit properly, with a good seal around the nose and mouth
  • They have separate air channels for fresh air and exhaled air
  • They have quick-release straps
  • They are worn only for snorkeling

Full-face snorkel masks should never be worn for swimming or diving. These activities put more stress on the body and require more oxygen than a full-face snorkeling mask is designed to provide. When worn in more stressful conditions where the body needs more oxygen, these masks are unsafe. 

What Size Full-Face Snorkel Mask Do I Need?

It’s best to have someone else measure your face to get the correct size of a full-face snorkel mask. That way, you know they have measured a straight line, from the bridge of your nose to the tip of your chin.

Once you have measured that distance, compare it to the manufacturer’s size chart because sizing is different between different brands. If you are between sizes, choose the smaller size to get a tighter seal and a better fit.

How Do I Know My Full-Face Snorkel Mask Fits Correctly?

When you first receive your full-face snorkel mask, put it on and wear it for a while. Make sure that:

The Interior Does Not Fog Up

If the inside of the mask fogs up, the air channels don’t correctly fit over your nose and mouth, and CO2 is not being adequately ventilated.

You Feel Normal and Comfortable

If you feel short of breath, the mask doesn’t fit properly and create the proper seal over your nose and mouth, or it isn’t adequately ventilated and allows CO2 to accumulate.

If you are breathing normally with no problems, wear the straps at a comfortable tightness and put your face in the water. If water leaks in around the edges, the mask does not fit you properly.

Do not compensate by further tightening the straps. Instead, choose a mask with a broader skirt for a better fit. Practice putting the mask on and taking it off several times to make sure you can take it off quickly. If you are buying the mask for a child or young person, practice removing it for them.

Can You Wear a Full-Face Snorkeling Mask With Glasses?

In most cases, no, you cannot wear prescription eyeglasses beneath a full-face snorkeling mask. If you need glasses to see, consider getting prescription lenses in a traditional (eyes-only) snorkeling mask. There are conventional snorkeling masks with pre-made vision correction (like reading glasses), or you can order a pair customized to your vision. 


Full-face snorkeling masks can make snorkeling more natural, comfortable, and enjoyable, but they can also pose a risk. If you purchase a full-face snorkeling mask for a trip or vacation, take it out and test the wear and fit before you travel with it. Don’t be afraid to return your mask and try a different one until you get the right fit for your face.

Choosing a suitable full-face snorkeling mask will help you be relaxed, comfortable, and safe in the water.

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