How to Clean a New Scuba Mask

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If you have the right gear, scuba diving can open up a new world of adventure and exploration and introduce you to the unique marine creatures who live underwater. 

Although it’s maybe not as important as the air tank, you will need a good scuba mask. You just bought your mask, so you might think it’s ready to go as is, but this is not the case. After you buy a scuba mask, you need to know how to clean a new scuba mask. Read on as we cover this in more detail.

New Scuba Masks and Silicone  

It might seem weird that you have to clean your new scuba mask before using it for the first time, but this is just how it is. The manufacturing process results in a very thin layer of silicone that covers the lens of the mask.  

This is an issue because silicone will cause your scuba mask to quickly fog up, and it will prevent your anti-fogging measures from working. Therefore, the bottom line is that you need to remove the thin layer of silicone to prevent your scuba mask from fogging up during use. 

How to Clean Your New Scuba Mask: Three Ways 

Cleaning your scuba mask before you use it for the first time is totally necessary and very easy. Moreover, there are different ways to do it, so let’s look at each of them. 

A Professional Scuba Mask Cleaner 

Perhaps the easiest way to clean your scuba mask before you use it for the first time is to use a professional scuba mask cleaner designed for first-time mask use. These products may not be overly cheap, but they work perfectly well. 

Generally speaking, all you have to do is apply them, rub them around, and rinse them off. However, they can contain some harsh chemicals that you might not want to come in contact with. 

How to Clean a New Scuba Mask


An excellent DIY way to clean your scuba mask for the first time is by using toothpaste. Toothpaste is mildly abrasive and perfect for removing the thin film of silicone from your mask.

All you need to do here is to apply a small amount of toothpaste to the inside of the mask and then, using something like a cloth or an old toothbrush, rub it around.  

It is recommended that you leave the toothpaste on the scuba mask all night before washing it off. However, to remove all of the silicone, you will need to rub for at least an hour.  

It may be a tedious task, but it is cheaper than using a professional scuba mask cleaner. Just make sure to thoroughly rinse all of the toothpaste after doing this because you don’t want it getting in your eyes as it will burn. 

Using a Flame 

This method is a little far out there, but it does work according to thousands of scuba divers from across the world. You can use a flame to burn off that thin film of silicone, but you do need to be pretty careful. Here you will use a lighter to quickly sweep back and forth across the mask with the flame.  

Do not hold the flame to any one part of the mask for longer than a second, and don’t go near the skirting. To repeat, do not hold the flame on any one part for very long because you will damage the lens itself. You’re simply trying to apply a quick burst of heat to the area to burn away the silicone.  

Keep in mind that if your lenses are tempered glass, you don’t really have to worry about burning them, but you do still have to worry about burning in the skirting and the surrounding area. This is generally the best way to permanently prevent your scuba from fogging up, but you risk damaging the mask. 


Whether you want to use the professional scuba mask cleaner, toothpaste, or your lighter, the fact is that you must remove the layer of silicone before you use your scuba mask for the first time. 

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